“Midnight Rider offers classic American iconography refracted through a modern sensibility, resulting in fashion-forward designs that reflect an earnest enthusiasm for all things Americana.”

Primarily, this shop sells apparel for women, men, and children that reflect the preceding description. Additionally, Midnight Rider offers a selection of accessories, music, and books — celebrating all things retro!

Mark was hired to install and produce an extensively designed customization of a new theme for the Shopify e-commerce store. In addition to the visual structure, which modernized a preexisting visual brand scheme, Mark also successfully configured add-on apps that facilitate extended payment terms for customers along with site-based marketing tools. In the near future, he will oversee the integration of a wholesaler-access capability.

This is just the latest of several projects Mark has been hired for, by owner and superstar Mitra Khayyam — on behalf of her e-commerce businesses AND others with which she oversaw.