Design & Marketing for
Real Estate Agents & Developers

Craig & David Homes

Client since 2011


Design & Marketing for
Real Estate Agents
& Developers

Craig & David Homes

Client since 2011

More than any other project/client in this portfolio, the comprehensive design and marketing for real estate agents on display here speaks to the wide scope of integrated services and value that Tastebuds can offer a small business client. It’s the product of a years-long relationship built on mutual trust and a commitment from Tastebuds to fully understand how my client works with their clients, to absorb and distill their sensibilities with genuine curiosity. At its core, this construct of connecting with clients is vital when producing coordinated visual design and content development across multiple channels.

Craig & David Homes is the namesake tandem of Los Angeles licensed real estate agents Craig Spano and David Lubell, working under the relatively new joint venture between Aaron Kirman Group (AKG), the #1 luxury real estate team in Los Angeles, and Christie’s International Real Estate, a premier global real estate and lifestyle brand.

Home building and renovation services on behalf of their clients, emerged shortly after Craig and David joined forces in 2015. Mark began working with C&D Homes around that time, on a project basis, in support of their full scope of services.

From 2020 – 2023, Mark worked with the duo, on-retainer. During this period of time, an uptick in their business prompted an upgrade in how C&D Homes presented itself. A refresh of the branding ensued which was then translated across multiple digital channels, and in print — signage, collateral, etc.

The most significant change during this time, however, saw Mark’s visual design work blend into content development, which became a major component in marketing C&D Homes. Mark’s years of experience in print and digital publishing proved to be extremely advantageous, for everyone concerned. “Being creative” took on new dimension as Mark was tasked with producing a weekly newsletter (writing, editing, designing — the works) and managed the client’s social media. A coordination of these efforts, through re-purposing the content when possible, frequently occurred.

In between sharing news about the sale of a home, a hot real estate listing or the progress of (any one of) several development projects, additional content creation was needed to fill in the gaps. This translated into building website content, as well. The content produced for C&D Homes, in its totality, is/was voluminous. Below, are two — among many  — examples, strategically conceived of, and implemented on behalf of the client.

1.) “Q&As with Our Collaborators”
SCREENSHOT IMAGE of Q&A blog content used in Marketing for Real Estate Agents & Developers

Craig and David sell, build and renovate — what are often — gorgeous residential dwellings in Los Angeles that usually have a minimum market price of $2-3M, if not higher. Construction of these projects are the result of several talented craftspeople and purveyors of lovely wares. Marketing a property for which they are the listing agents require photography and, some, need staging.

After consulting with the client and gaining approval for the idea, Mark set into motion the creation of a new section of the Craig & David Homes blog, “Q&As with Our Collaborators.” He understood that the professionals mentioned above have portfolios with alluring visual content that represent their work, and that they might be willing to answer a few questions for a blog post, realizing the cross-promotion potential. Mark made contact with each subject, came up with the questions, procured the visual assets, and edited each post before finally publishing it. What emerged was relevant content that was packaged for each channel of marketing: CraigandDavidHomes.com, the client’s weekly newsletter, and for social media.

2.) “Historic Havens”

In the spring of 2022, Mark met with Craig and David to discuss new approaches to marketing. Attempts to cold call prospects had not panned out and my clients were not finding themselves to be good at networking, so to speak.

In the beginning of 2023, much of the work that is represented here in this Portfolio Highlight, ended due to a new partnership between the broker with whom C&D Homes currently works under (Christies International) and a company that provides a suite of services similar to what I provide. Mark still provides creative services upon request, but infrequently. It’s worth noting, though, that the client relationship with C&D Homes has its roots that date back to 2015.

Mark worked one-on-one with David when he first became a real estate agent in New York City. During that time, David’s website, PrewarPassion.com (the first WordPress website Mark created), caught the attention of a prominent real estate columnist (featured in The New York Daily News). Soon after moving to the West Coast, David appeared in an episode of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. He was representing the buyers of a home, listed by one of the show’s stars, who discovered David via Google Search. Both examples of the ‘notoriety’ were, in part, the result of the websites that Mark designed and built, around content that was strategically developed by David — in close collaboration with Mark — after identifying the potential opportunities (including SEO) associated with David’s love of historical architecture.

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Client Reviews:
In Their Own Words

“Working with Mark Gentile (Tastebuds) has been a valuable experience for me and my business partner. His expertise and creativity has helped to boost our business and elevate our visual branding. He designed our Los Angeles-based real estate sales website and helped create informative content… (he) is professional and works collaboratively as a team. I found him very forthcoming with marketing suggestions based on his past experience.” ~ CRAIG SPANO
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“I have worked with Mark for many years. He has been in charge of all my social media, branding, and other design. He has also managed my web content, having designed several websites, and managed the SEO process. He is intelligent, and design talented. I also rely on him for general business advice as well. He is superb value for the money!” ~ DAVID LUBELL
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Marketing for Real Estate Agents / Developers: Motion Graphics & Video Production

Marketing for Real Estate
Agents / Developers:
Motion Graphics & Video Production

Virtually all of the components used to create the content that is represented below — including stock video, graphics, music, etc. — were sourced, edited, and produced by Mark Gentile. Mark would often accompany Craig and David during visits to project sites, to record video which sometimes made its way into projects like these.

Storytelling through Video | 1:1 (square) >> Five videos; some are edited for brevity and presentation here.

Behind the Scenes | 9:16 >> An entertaining, yet brand-informative, peek into the marketing of a C&D Homes listing, presented in story format.

Storytelling through Video | 5:4 >> Two videos, both edited for brevity and presentation here, attempt to explain the rise of mortgage rates and the genesis of a development project, respectively.