Mark was hired by psychotherapist Elizabeth Hill, MA, LMFT for search engine optimization (SEO). Initially feeling somewhat limited by the use of a one-page site, he quickly identified an opportunity for optimization — focusing on the significant portion of her client-base that is made of musicians, actors, writers, painters, etc.

Following further discussions with Elizabeth, and after the requisite keyword/key phrase research, Mark suggested to optimize around the term (i.e., the service) “therapy for creatives.” She agreed, so an edit and reorganization of her content ensued, mindful of not marginalizing the other folks that make up her client-base. Consistent with the new focus, Mark secured likely relevant domains and appropriately finished all of the onsite optimization. Immediately following the launch of the site, efforts towards of offsite optimization ensued, creating a handful of social media profiles and other citations.

Mark also assisted with image research and consulted on the addition of other website elements to optimize client engagement.