Graphic Design + Web Design in Los Angeles

Ahhhh, the uncertainty and subjectivity of design! Consumers don’t always recognize the specific reason(s) why a logo is effective or what makes a website especially inviting beyond its editorial content. But, they do make instinctive, often subconscious, judgements based on immediate sight, sound, and experience — and the impressions are lasting.

There are many off-the-shelf options to create a logo and newly-available DIY platforms for small businesses to create a website. However, if you’re not someone who can rest on one’s laurels, so to speak, then you should proceed with caution here. Is your product and reputation so solid — or unique — in the marketplace that you compromise on what the visual identity of your brand communicates?

Potential customers see through amateur design just as clearly as they would through amateur writing. Whether you have a blog or you connect with your audience via email, making a one-time investment in a design framework that captures their attention and commands their respect — when/how you communicate with them — is well worth it.

Tastebuds prefers to address this reality from the start. Formulating and adhering to a disciplined visual identity system is vitally important to branding product(s) or service(s). It may be a reflection of who you are or reflective of the industry you operate in, but it should communicate “authority,” even in the subtlest of ways. A logo, color palate, color scheme, font(s), and layout are the basic design fundamentals that should be finessed here — specific to each brand. The overall system should be applied consistently everywhere your company is represented, whether it is in the digital realm or not.

With years of experience in graphic design and web design in Los Angeles — and beyond — Mark is positioned to excel here. Tastebuds can create the visual identifiers of your brand from the ground up or coordinate, streamline and improve an existing framework.