Embracing a digital content development strategy makes a lot of sense, period! The process of selling anything — whether it’s products or services — now begins long before there’s contact with a salesperson, if that ever takes place at all. Most consumers are doing their homework online prior to any transaction.

Thus, it is more important than ever to wear your publisher’s hat because content is king — and the more content you can produce, the better. Content creation with searchability in mind from the outset is ideal.

To blog or not blog?

Whether or not you call it “blogging,” disciplined content development for your website is advantageous on many levels.

Content can demonstrate the expertise of its author/publisher. Whether you’re identified as an “expert” by your peers or not, demonstrating a clear command of a subject in your professional or artistic field is paramount.

  • It’s an opportunity to display a point of view — your sensibility of, and sensitivity to, related topics are important brand codifiers.
  • Blogging provides depth to your communication and marketing efforts, creating ideal fodder for your social media profiles.
  • Use pictures and video. It doesn’t have to be all about the written word. A blog can be a de facto portfolio or a time-sensitive addendum to your existing one. Displaying a work-in-progress or work that may/may not make it into your portfolio site lets people in on the process.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the Web’s search engines are constantly indexing sites in order to find appropriate landing spots for search requests. If you’re smart, you think about this beforehand and develop a content strategy to help your business get discovered.

As your content grows, your brand takes shape and helps differentiate you from your competition, especially if it’s focused and adequately designed. It should accentuate the look and feel of your brand. While social media profiles are increasingly customizable, they’re still visually branded with the platform’s logo and corporate colors. A blog/website is an opportunity to be more proprietary: bearing your logo, your work, your colors, your fine print.

Whether you love to write or are averse to doing so, Tastebuds can help you develop a successful digital content strategy. From implementation to maintenance over the longer term, Mark’s years of experience in publishing really pays dividends for his clients.