Tastebuds is pseudonymously attributed to Mark Gentile and a team of collaborators, when a project calls for scaling up.

mark-gentileCrisscrossing the country a few times during his lifetime, Mark set up residence in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle — and now, he lives in Los Angeles, once again. Born in South Florida, his periodic travels have been for reasons of education and adventure. He received a Master of Arts Degree from the New School’s Media Studies program, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University and also studied at UCLA.

He began working as a graphic designer in the mid-1990s, ultimately becoming the Creative Director for a niche-magazine publisher in New York City until 2008, when he set out to work independently on a variety of projects. On the side, his passionate hobby of DJ’ing evolved into programming music for high-profile fashion, beauty and hospitality clients. Professional and playful occupations converged to a greater degree in 2009 when he launched Groovemine.com (now offline), which sought to become a de facto resource guide for fans of independent music.

Producing and promoting Groovemine.com proved extremely valuable. This foray into website building and social media dovetailed with his background in design and publishing. Eventually, he packaged his collective skills and experience as “Tastebuds” in 2011, providing valuable marketing services for independent professionals and small businesses.

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